Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pico Youth and Family Center

Case Manager - Pico Youth and Family Center

Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of this position are establishing relationships with youth, providing case management, conducting street outreach, and maintaining a safe environment in the center. This includes assessing situations, developing individualized goals and plans, and providing appropriate referrals. One on one goal setting and tracking of all case managed youth through an outlined achievement plan centered around academics, employment, family, community and personal goals.  Integral to this position is the ability to motivate peek performance from at-risk, gang involved and probationary youth. The Case Manager must build and maintain working relationships with clients for youth serving programs and agencies in the community

The person in this position must be able to perform the duties outlined on this job description. A valid driver's license and current automobile insurance is required. Night driving may be necessary. Must be able to work under stress and be able to respond to emergencies. Mobility is required. Ability to prepare documentation and communicate reports. Evening hours, rotating Saturdays, and some holidays. In addition, must have set field hours and set office hours and must comply with these hours. Demonstrate a high level of respect for youth as individuals and as part of a community and culture, and an understanding of different cultural practices.

Responsible for building relationships with at-risk youth and their parents, to assist in their empowerment.  Encourages youth to give back to their community and to become leaders in their neighborhoods.  Provide intensive case management to a minimum of  25 cases per year. Participates as a member of the management/counseling team. Must also be able to perform any other duties provided by Executive Director and On-Site therapist.
·Interviews participants to assess their needs and goals.
·Performs comprehensive assessments on individual clients, develops and implements service plans, identifies programs, and involves client’s family when appropriate.
·Creates awareness of problems and situations that participants may not view as dangerous.
·Works as an advocate for the participant once contact has been established with the pertinent programs.
·Monitors the participant’s individual goals and motivates new goals.
·Creates and updates accurate files and maintains complete client chart notes which will reflect the progress of participants.
·Provides information and assistance, referral and advocacy on behalf of clients. And follows-up with service providers.
·Conduct outrach to attract new participants.

 Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and two year’s experience working in the field.
Must be Fluent in English/bilingual if applicable.
Must have a car, valid California driver’s license, and show evidence of insurability.
Must have excellent oral, written and organizational communication skills.
Must be effective in conflict resolution.
Must have computer skills, specifically in Excel and Word.
Must have good attention to detail

Send Cover Letter & Resume to:
Case Manager, Angel Villasenor
715 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Ph: 310-396-7101/ Fax:310-396-7104

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