Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little Tokyo Service Center Opportunity

Resident Service Coordinator / Social Worker
Job Title: Resident Service Coordinator / Social Worker
Supervisor: Director of Senior Services, Little Tokyo Service Center
Employment Status: Full-time salaried
Salary: Depends on experience
Position Summary:
The Resident Service Coordinator / Social Worker primarily assists older adults to enhance the quality of their lives through integrated care management and/or service coordination so they can maintain their independence and live at home. He/she must be able to work with seniors and families in an empathetic and caring manner. He/she must possess a wide range of skills and attributes, and must be willing to learn. He/she must be able to speak and communicate in Japanese, but also work with diverse clients, staff and programs. He/she must be able to be flexible and take initiative when appropriate.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Service Coordination for residents of an ethnically diverse subsidized senior housing building. (50%)
  • work in conjunction with other Resident Service Coordinators, as well as the Property Supervisor and all other Property Management staff to ensure a safe and high quality living environment for residents
  • link residents to appropriate benefits and resources to help maintain healthy and independent living
  • perform assessments to identify residents’ existing support systems, and current and future needs
  • educate residents and families about available benefits, community resources, and application procedures - establish relationships with service providers and monitor the delivery of services to residents
  • create and maintain a directory of resources relevant to the needs of residents
  • advocate on behalf of residents so that they can access resources
  • document services in a web-based system and maintain individual resident files
  • organize regular educational and wellness activities for residents
    Provide case management and other social services in Japanese to all age groups. (30%)
    • conduct intake sessions, assess client needs, develop case plans, and deliver services accordingly
    • connect clients to relevant resources and assist them with accessing benefits and programs
    • record progress notes and keep appropriate back-up documentation and files current
    • liaise with other agencies and organizations that benefit clients
    • identify and outreach to at-risk populations, particularly low-income and ethnic minority communities
    • coordinate activities, events, workshops and seminars to educate and train community members
    • compile reports and performance goals as required by service contracts and/or by supervisor
    Contribute to the day-to-day operations of the Social Services Department. (15%)
    • screen and respond to walk-in, phone, mail and email inquiries, and provide appropriate referrals
    • provide technical assistance to agencies and individuals seeking information regarding low-income and culturally diverse populations
    • work with volunteers who support LTSC’s programs and daily administrative tasks
    • perform administrative duties, research and translation of materials as assigned by supervisor
    • contribute to staff learning and staff meetings
    Participate in external collaboratives and coalitions. (4%)
    • attend meetings and participate in conferences, etc. to be trained and to train others
    • stay abreast of issues in the field and give input on matters related to the agency mission
    • advocate for the needs and concerns of elderly, low-income, limited English proficient, and ethnic minority populations
    Contribute, as deemed necessary and appropriate, to other activities related to the agency as a whole. (1%)
    Qualifications and Experiences:
    • Masters degree in Social Work or related field; OR
    • Bachelors degree AND two years of experience in social services, preferably working with older adults and with ethnic minority populations;
    • Fluent in Japanese;
    • Demonstrated working knowledge of community services in the area, with particular knowledge of services for older adults and ethnic minority populations, especially Japanese Americans;
    • Good problem-solving, writing and communication skills;
    • Ability to work both independently and in teams;
    • Working knowledge of computer programs;
    • California driver license and access to an insured automobile.
    Additional Qualifications:
    • Professional Service Coordinator certificate
    • Training and certification in Evidence-Based Practices, particularly related to the field of mental health
    • Supervisory experience
    To apply, please submit cover letter and résumé to Amy Phillips at