Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Los Angeles County Children’s Planning Council Positions

Title: Community Organizer

Reports to: Director of Organizing, in partnership with SPA/AICC Convener

The Community Organizer is responsible for the implementation of the Children’s Planning Council’s relationship-based organizing and outreach strategies. The Organizer’s role is to develop and sustain relationship-based groups, which also includes designing, and implementing community participation and outreach to parents, schools, community-based organizations, public agencies, and businesses throughout the SPA.

Duties & Responsibilities
• Assess and evaluate community assets and strengths
• Design and develop community participation processes
• Develop and support relationship-based groups in the SPA
• Assist communities in the implementation of participation processes and leadership development
• Participate in community meetings, events, and conferences as needed
• Work closely with assigned personnel and other service providers
• Prepare required monthly reports, communications, and other documentation
• Other duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements
• Able to adapt to changing situations.
• Able to work collaboratively and respectfully with diverse groups of people and organizations
• Foster open communication within and among diverse groups
• Work well in a team environment
• Work with minimal supervision
• Able to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends
• Degree in related field or combination of equivalent work experience and education preferred

Skills & Qualifications
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Strong leadership skills
• Previous community organizing experience preferred
• Experience in volunteer management, meeting facilitation, and/or community relations
• Detail oriented with excellent communication, organizational, and writing skills
• Experience with public speaking and presentations
• Some knowledge of local child-related collaboratives and/or groups serving children
• Bilingual preferred
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office 2000 applications


Range: $35,000 - $42,000 per year plus health and dental benefits and a 403b deferred compensation plan.

Ernesto De Guzman, Operations Manager,
County of Los Angeles
Children's Planning Council
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration,
500 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213-893-0421
Fax: 213-680-1415

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NABSW Response to Palin's Mockery of Community Organizers

National Association of Black Social Workers Challenges Palin’s Mockery of Community Organizers

The National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) is saddened that the meaningful and life-changing work carried out by community organizers across America was denigrated during the recent Republican National Convention.
The mocking insults - particularly the inference from Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that community organizers have no “real responsibilities” - clearly show that the she is out of touch with the people who work in the communities she seeks to serve, said Dr. Gloria Batiste-Roberts, president of NABSW.
Social workers are community organizers, said Dr. Batiste-Roberts, and deserve more respect for the challenging yet rewarding work that they do, often without loud praise and large paychecks. Colleges and universities across America are training the next generations of community organizers and social workers who excitedly train to serve a cause bigger than themselves - improving, in part, the whole of humanity.
“From the Founding Fathers of this country, to those of the Abolitionist and Women’s Suffrage movements, to the men, women and children who courageously marched for Civil Rights, it has always been community organizers who have borne the responsibility and been the catalysts for change when history called upon them to overturn grave injustices to disenfranchised groups and empower them, from the grassroots level, with the skills for self-improvement and effective problem-solving,” she said.
The National Association of Black Social Workers strongly urges candidates to keep the campaign about the issues, not a mocking of one’s life work.
“It’s sad and outrageous that we have a potential Vice President of the United States of America with no real concept that community organizers have real responsibilities in real communities facing real problems that affect real people across this nation,” said Dr. Batiste-Roberts. “Gov. Palin owes a debt of gratitude to community organizers who were integral to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, for if they did not have responsibilities, she would not be able to vote, nor be a candidate for Vice President of the United States of America.”
NABSW was established in 1968 to advocate and address important social issues that impact the health and welfare of the Black community. Our affiliate chapters, including student chapters, are spread throughout the United States. Additionally, we have chapters and affiliate groups in Africa, Canada and the Caribbean.

National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc.
2305 Martin Luther King Ave. S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20020
Phone: (202) 678-4570
Fax: (202) 678-4572

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

UTLA Organizer Position


The Area Representative will be assigned to sites/areas of the Los Angeles Unified School District including schools ranging from pre-school to Adult Education facilities, but primarily composed of elementary, middle and senior high schools. The Area Representative may also have assignments involving specific sub groups within the bargaining unit.

The Area Representative shall be responsible for:

A. Promoting membership in United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA).
B. Organizing a strong UTLA chapter in each location.
C. Developing site leadership and empowering members.
D. Interpreting the current Collective Bargaining Agreement and enforcing this Agreement by means of organizing and by representing teachers in all steps of the grievances procedure including binding arbitration.
E. Providing training in all areas of contract enforcement, chapter leadership, site organizing, and community coalition building.
F. Building and maintaining school/community coalitions
G. Providing such services as needed when so directed by the Director of Organizational Services.
H. Effectively communicating with membership

The Area Representative is responsible to the Director of Organizational Services for all aspects of his/her day-to-day activity.

The UTLA staff includes other Area Representatives, some who specialize in Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Substitutes, a Professional Development Specialist, members of the Communications Department, Government Relations Department, Information Services and Technology, Business Office and clerical support staff.

A. Ability to work with and provide leadership for teachers of all backgrounds and ethnicities.
B. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing with highly educated professionals.
C. Ability to accept criticism and challenge from individuals and groups, both within and outside of the bargaining unit.
D. Available to work unusual hours and weekends as the job demands.
E. Ability to represent viewpoints of all affiliates equally.
F. Ability to use IBM P.C. for communication including writing and E-mail.
G. Undergraduate degree from an accredited college/university

A. Experience in Union organizing.
B. Teaching background.
C. Experience in community organizing and coalition building.
D. Experience in working with minority groups.
E. Experience in contract enforcement including grievance handling.

United Teachers Los Angeles is a merged local affiliated with the California Teacher Association, California Federation of Teachers, National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers. UTLA represents 48,,000 bargaining unit members in such diverse groups as Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Librarians and Classroom Teachers. Wages, hours and working conditions of unit members are covered in the Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect between the Los Angeles Unified School District and UTLA.

Los Angeles is a metropolitan school district, which represents the various cultural and racial groups common to large urban areas. Within the District are over 750 school locations and a school budget of over $8 billion.

UTLA staff is represented by a staff union with a negotiated agreement.

Beginning salaries range from $71,588 - $81,588 per year depending on background and experience.

Fringe benefits include medical, dental, vision care for staff member and all dependents. There is an excellent retirement plan and a monthly automobile allowance for maintenance and operation of a car.

Please call Louverne Chatman, secretary to Denise Rockwell-Woods, at (213) 637-5140 for an application and accompanying documents. Application and other documents should be sent to:

United Teachers Los Angeles
Attention: Denise Rockwell-Woods, Director of Organizational Services
3303 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010


City of Long Beach Position

Monday, September 8, 2008

Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care Southern California Chapter LAW AND ETHICS INTENSIVE

Shaky's Night Fundraiser for UCLA Latino Caucus

Who: All MSW students (and your lovely family and friends)
What: Fundraiser for the Latino Caucus
Where: Shakey’s Pizza 5604 Sepulveda Blvd (at Jefferson), Culver City, 90230
When: Thursday, September 18, 2008 from 6p-9p.

Why: To welcome the First Year Students, get acquainted, get re-acquainted with those
you already know, support the Latina/o Caucus, talk about your summer, internship,
….come on – do you really need a reason??!? It’s great food, company and cause!

Please come and support our caucus fundraising efforts.
We will get 25% of the proceeds from sales between 6-9pm.

Got excuses?
• I usually have dinner at that time: COME EAT AT SHAKEY’S
• I have to be at field the next day: LUCKILY, IT ONLY GOES FROM 6P - 9P!
• I don’t like food: SHAKEY’S HAS BEER!
• I don’t know anyone: COME MEET PEOPLE!

LSWN Conference

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Job Opportunity at ITNGreaterLA

Job Opportunity at ITNGreaterLA

The Coordinator of Operations and Administration position at
ITNGreaterLA offers the opportunity to make an impact at a small but
growing West Los Angeles area alternative transportation organization.
This nonprofit for seniors and the visually impaired is part of a
larger national organization, allowing opportunities for career
growth. The candidate will be hired part-time (25+ hours per week) as
an independent contractor, though this is set to change when the
position becomes full time in December of 2008. The position is ideal
for anyone interested in developing a solid career in non-profit
management or someone with non-profit and community organizing
experience. You will interact with all areas of our organization;
there will be no such thing as a "typical day." General duties include
answering the phones, accounting for daily manifests, data entry,
billing, scheduling and assigning rides to drivers as well as
providing rides when necessary. The position will also assist in
recruitment and retention of volunteers, member communications, and
general development tasks.
To be a good fit you need proven experience managing multiple
priorities in an occasionally stressful environment. Be able to
communicate clearly with the general public, members, volunteers, paid
drivers and office personnel. Experience working with older adults is
a plus and great customer service is key. You must be familiar with
computers and be able to read detailed maps quickly and accurately. A
valid driver's license and three years of driving experience with no
unexplained moving violations is a must.
Salary: $18-$20/hour.
If this sounds like your next career development opportunity, please
send your resume and cover letter to: