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City of Santa Monica Position

Human Resources Department

1685 Main Street, Room 101 , P.O. Box 2200
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Main Phone:310-458-8246
Web Address:

An Equal Opportunity Employer
Job Summary

ANNUAL COMPENSATION: up to $96,828, which includes a base salary of $92,556 per year; and professional incentive pay (paid quarterly) + cashable leave days (paid at end of the fiscal year) equaling up to $4,272 per year. The City is a participating agency of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) with a 2.7%@55 retirement formula. Employees are required to reimburse the City for the cost of the enhanced retirement formula, with the reimbursement being 6.67% of the employee’s PERSable compensation. The City pays the employee contribution to PERS (8%). In addition, the City participates in the Medicare portion of FICA only, and therefore there is no deduction made for social security.

This position may be eligible for an annual performance bonus based on the employee’s performance as determined by the appointing authority. This position will accrue 12 days of sick leave per year, six (6) of which can be cashed out each fiscal year, starting with the end of the 2nd fiscal year (which is equivalent to 2.3% of base salary or up to $2,128 per year). The City has a compressed work week schedule (9/80) which results in the incumbent of this position receiving every other Friday off. In addition, there are 12 paid holidays per year and 12 days of vacation per year.

Job Summary: Monitors, develops and recommends policy in program areas relating to homelessness. Plans, organizes, conducts and implements complex administrative projects relating to the City’s continuum of homeless service delivery.

Major Duties

Assists in the administration of the City’s Community Development Grants Program specific to homelessness, including the establishment of funding priorities and recommendations with respect to homeless programs.

Monitors contract compliance for City-funded agencies. Reviews and assesses audited financial statements from City-funded agencies.

Ensures that the City remains in compliance with respect toits contracts with external funding agencies, e.g., state and federal agencies and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Plans, organizes and directs special programs and projects in the areas of human services, as related to homeless issues including funding applications to external funding agencies.

Provides technical assistance to non-profit organizations on program development, policies and procedures, project budget, documentation and data collection, program outcomes, and other administrative and fiscal areas.

Works with City divisions, non-profit service providers, other community organizations and members of the public to ensure the effective coordination of homeless services within the continuum of care, consistent with policies adopted by the City.

Works with regional homeless organizations and coalitions to ensure the coordination of homeless services across the region.

Oversees the implementation of the City’s homeless information management system (computerized client tracking and case management system), ensuring database updates.

Procures and manages consultants engaged by the City to work on homeless issues.

Participates in the preparation of a variety of reports including staff reports, fiscal and/or budgetary reports and required federal, state and local plans and reports.

Conducts complex and/or administrative research, studies and surveys. Prepares reports on sensitive topics recommending appropriate courses of action for solutions and/or advocacy.

Acts as a resource to the public, City Departments, commissions and other organizations on homeless issues.

Makes presentations to boards and commissions, public and non-profit agencies and other community groups on issues relating to homelessness.

Provides staff support to City Commissions, including the Social Services Commission, as assigned.

Provides administration support to division through participation in team meetings and provides input regarding division programs, policies and procedures.

Researches, analyses and interprets data and other information related to homeless programs and policies.

Coordinates the responses and follow-up for public complaints, inquiries, requests and suggestions. Ensures that complaints are dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Disseminates accurate information regarding homelessness and homeless programs to the public.

Keeps abreast of new legislation, regulation and policies relevant to division’s operations and recommends and/or makes adjustments to division’s procedures to ensure compliance.

Assigns, monitors and reviews work of support staff, as assigned.

Performs related duties, as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:

Knowledge of:

The homeless population, including subpopulations, predominant issues and barriers to stable housing and income.
Homeless service needs, programs and related community issues.
Program and project development, implementation and evaluation.
Report and grant writing techniques.        
Budget development and management.
Supervisory principles and practices. 
Service delivery models, funding sources and other resources relating to homeless populations.
Effective customer service techniques.
Effective supervisory techniques.
Principles of staff training and supervision.

Ability to:

Develop, implement and administer human services/homeless projects and programs.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Analyze and solve administrative and budgeting problems.  
Prepare analytical reports. 
Review and analyze program budgets and fiscal reports. 
Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with City employees and the public.
Provide effective customer service.            
Interpret and apply relevant laws and regulations.
Maintain accurate records and files.
Supervise, train and evaluate the work of staff.

Skill in:

The use of computers and related word processing and spreadsheet application software.

Education, Training and Experience:

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Urban Planning, Social Welfare or a related field.

Three years of recent, paid, administrative work experience which has included the development, management and evaluation of human service programs preferably in homeless programs, in a social services organization.

NOTE: To receive consideration, you must submit a copy of your college diploma/transcript.   Applicants who indicated receipt of degree from a foreign institution must provide United States degree and credential equivalency verification along with a copy of your college diploma/transcript. All materials must be received in the Human Resources Department no later than close of business on the application closing date. You may send a scanned copy of your college diploma or transcript to or fax a copy to the attention of Mia Jensen at (310) 656-5705. Failure to do so will result in your application being disqualified.

Licenses and Certificates:

Possession of a valid Class C driver license.

Application Review:  All applicants must submit clear, concise, and complete information regarding their qualifications, in addition to a special supplemental application, for the position.  All applicants will be reviewed and only those candidates determined to be most qualified on the basis of experience and education, as submitted, will be invited to participate further in the selection process.  Testing may consist of any or all of the following components:

Writing Project:  to evaluate writing skills and technical knowledge.

Oral Interview: to evaluate education, training and experience; technical knowledge; communication skills; and interpersonal skills.

NOTES:  Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the application or supplemental application materials.
Postmarks will not be accepted.
All employees of the City of Santa Monica are designated by both State and City ordinance to be "Disaster Service Workers".  In the event of a declared emergency or any undeclared emergency or natural disaster that threatens the
life, health and/or safety of the public, employees may be assigned to assist rescue and relief workers.  Such assignments may be in locations, during hours and performing work significantly different from the employees' normal work assignments and may continue through the recovery phase of the emergency.

Job Title:Sr. Admin Analyst-Homeless Services
Exam #:100837-01     Mia Jensen 310-458-8246

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