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Job Title:                           Director of Social Services Department

Reports To:                         Executive Director

Status/Salary Grade:      Exempt

Department:                      Management

Position Summary:          This position is responsible for the management, administration and      implementation of all the Society’s programs and services related to homelessness, social services, and housing programs.  The incumbent will provide overall leadership for the Society and the Advisory Committee on all homelessness, social services, and housing issues.

Position Functions:         

1.       Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Society’s goals and objectives in regards to homelessness, housing, and social service issues.

2.       Ensures the department is operating efficiently and its programs and services are effectively meeting the needs of clients and the community.

3.       Recruits, trains, and supervises the department’s senior administrative staff.

4.       Recommends, advises and administers the Society’s and the department’s policies, procedures, plans and objectives relating to the Center’s programs and staff.

5.       Works with the Chairperson of the Center Advisory Committee and the Director of Shelter Services on recruitment of new members and developing short and long term recommendations for the department.

6.       Teams with other Los Angeles Council Directors on issues relating to the department’s finances, fund raising, communications, personnel and the Advisory Committee.

7.       Collaborates with officials from federal, state and local government, academic institutions and social service agencies on issues relating to homelessness, housing, and social services.

8.       With the support of the Shelter Director, prepares and manages the fiscal budget for the Social Services Department.

9.       Supervises overall strategic plan of the entire Social Services Department.

10.   Directs Shelter Director, Residential Assistants, and Clinical Staff on HR issues related to hiring, termination and employee discipline. Works in coordination with the Shelter Director to develop bimonthly staff trainings and completes performance evaluations for managers and clerical staff.

Project Management
Manages the development, expansion, and enhancement of new and current client based programs
1.       Directs the development, expansion, and enhancement of homelessness, housing, and social service operation including: Emergency Family Shelter, Men’s Advanced Program, Case Management, collaboration with other agencies,  IT development, databases, and communication systems between residential/clinical staff. Responsible for development of client databases for all program clients.
2.       Develops and manages new programs to expand the services provided by the department.
3.       With input from the Director of Human Resources, conducts or delegates safety team meetings and emergency/disaster preparedness programs within the Social Services Department.  In addition, assists the Human Resource Department in the Master Disaster Plan for the Society.

4.       Manages or delegates “Hike for the Homeless” fundraiser and serves as point of contact for all logistical details. Liaisons with City officials at Griffith Park and works to identify type of donors and participants for the hike 
5.       Manages SVDP Housing development and off-site housing programs. Develops social services, housing plans, and budgets. Researches best practices in affordable and sheltered housing and maintains SVDP National Housing Directory. 
6.       Manages various special projects and grants that arise.  Works with the Development Department to seek funding via foundations, grants and individual donors. 
7.       Manages or delegates volunteers and coordinates when volunteer or tour groups come to the shelter. Coordinates bi-annual volunteer appreciation events. Manages and expands Urban Plunge Program. Maintains the master calendar of student groups staying at the Center. Provide orientations and logistics to ensure groups have adequate food, and sleeping arrangements. 
8.       Responsible for MSW Internship Program and Skid Row Seminar Series.  Provide at least one hour of supervision per week for each student.
9.       Coordinate bi-weekly speakers for MSW Skid Row Seminar Series, which runs from September to May.

10.   Develop and evaluate existing social service, homeless, and housing programs to include computer learning center, movie social groups, and legal clinics.

11.   Represent the Society at various collaborative meetings

12.   Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications/Requirements: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) preferred.  Master’s Degree in Social Work required.  Ten  or more years related work experience with at least five of those years in administrative, management or supervisory positions.  Excellent oral and written communications skills.  Thorough knowledge of homelessness, housing, and social service issues.  Knowledge of individual and group counseling techniques and psycho-social development and resources.

Physical Requirements of the Job: Requires ability to sit at computer for long periods of time. Job position requires significant time sitting, some standing and some travel time between offices.

This position description generally describes the principal functions of the position and the level of knowledge, skills and experience typically required.  It does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee, and it is subject to change as the needs of the employer and the requirements of the job change.

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