Monday, July 14, 2008

Coalition for Economic Survival Position

Tenant/Community Outreach Organizer
Coalition for Economic Survival (CES)

The Coalition for Economic Survival is seeking qualified people to organize tenants in at-risk affordable housing. The Los Angeles area has one of the most severe housing crisis in the nation. Landlords, in efforts to obtain more profit and higher rents at minimum cost, are constantly attempting to illegally evict tenants, refusing to make needed repairs, converting and destroying affordable housing, and opting out of federal rent subsidy programs. The tenant organizer will identify organizing situations and tenant leaders, develop tenant associations, campaigns and other efforts to preserve affordable housing and secure tenants' rights.

The Coalition for Economic Survival, Los Angeles’ leading tenants’ rights organization, has been organizing people for economic and social justice for the last 35 years.

• Identifying, developing and supporting tenant leaders, including:
a) training leaders in skills such as meeting facilitation, speech writing and negotiating with owners, management companies and government officials.
b) helping leaders learn how to choose winnable goals, and how to strategize
and implement campaigns to win concrete victories.
c) providing day-to-day strategic advice and basic administrative support including typing, research and writing.
• Organizing and supporting tenant associations, including:
a) door-to-door canvassing, leafleting and speaking at outreach meetings.
b) organizing initial building meetings and ongoing tenant association meetings.
c) preparing meeting notices, agendas, educational materials.

1) MUST have the ability to communicate in Spanish.
2) Good writing, speaking and research skills.
3) A valid driver’s license, insurance and a dependable car is a must.
4) Ability to work evenings and weekends. On some occasions work will require irregular and long hours.

1) Experience in building tenant, community or labor organizations.
2) Experience in community activism.
3) Working knowledge of word processing and basic computer graphics.
4) Knowledge of landlord/tenant law and housing issues and financing.

Depends on experience, plus medical and dental insurance.


To apply, send resume and cover letter to: Tenant Organizer Position, c/o Coalition for Economic Survival, 514 Shatto Place, Suite 270, Los Angeles, 90020, or fax to (213) 252-4422. For more information, call (213) 252-4411,, or email,

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