Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Policy Briefing on Muslim and Jewish Dialogue 5.22.08

"Beyond Kumbaya: A Muslim and A Jew in Civil Dialogue"
Thursday, May 22
12 - 1:30 pm
Room 2343
(lunch provided)

Tufail Ahmad
Co-Founder, Maryland Muslim Council


Steven Goodman
Vice President, American Jewish Committee, Washington Chapter

When leaders of the Maryland Muslim Council and the American Jewish Committees Washington Chapter started meeting about four years ago, people in the nations capital took notice. The Washington Times wrote about their five-point statement of cooperation, which forms the basis of their work together. Come hear Tufail Ahmad and Steven Roy Goodman explain the circumstances that brought them together at a D.C. Italian restaurant, why they decided to pursue a dialogue, how they set the ground rules, the five points of understanding, first steps and missteps, their work since then, and plans for the future.

Lunch provided. An RSVP is appreciated, but not required to: or 310-206-8034. For more information, please visit:

Tufail Ahmad
President, Euro-America Shipping & Trade
Co-Founder, Maryland Muslim Council
Tufail Ahmad, a Pakistani-American community leader, enhances dialogue among different ethnic and religious communities. A former participant in the joint India-Pakistan Peace and Goodwill Mission of expatriate Pakistanis and Indians living in the United States, Canada, and Britain, he has worked to establish an effective dialogue between the Muslim and Jewish communities. He received his M.A. in Commerce from Allahabad University and became an assistant professor at a college in Karachi.

Steven Roy Goodman, M.S., J.D.
Educational Consultant
Vice President, American Jewish Committee, Washington Chapter
Steve Goodman serves as vice president and intergroup outreach chair of the American Jewish Committees Washington Chapter. He develops initiatives and spearheads outreach to various ethnic groups. His work has resulted in drafting a statement of cooperation between Washington-area Jews and Muslims, holding joint fundraisers for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, arranging a Sukkot celebration for Jews and Muslims, and contributing to an interfaith Ramadan iftaar with Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes that was broadcast around the world. He is an international authority on college and graduate school admissions and a former faculty member of the Wharton School and Haverford College.

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